Why Choose GenWatch?

Standby Generator monitoring has never been easier

Wireless out-of-band Alerting and Monitoring that requires no IT support.  Simple to install, simple to use, ultra-reliable.
We Sell Ensurance


Out-of-band operation using the cellular system ensures that you have extremely reliable visibility of your generator’s condition – despite power outages, network issues, and IT operations. All your people need are their cellphones (no apps required).


GenWatch ensures that about 90% of the issues that lead to a failure-to-start are reported directly to the personnel responsible for the generator – before it becomes a big problem. There are no other people, networks, servers, or software between you and GenWatch.


We ensure that GenWatch is extremely easy to install and use. Designed specifically for generators and endowed with embedded intelligence, GenWatch does not depend on other computers, networks, departments, or personnel. No software is required. No training is required. Installation is done by any electrical contractor.


GenWatch ensures that you save money. It reduces failures as well as physical visits to the generator. It even logs run times for air quality control reporting – so you don’t have to.
still not convinced?


Discover the peace of mind that comes from knowing that an intelligent, standalone, and reliable machine is continuously watching over your generator – and will call you when it needs attention – before it fails.